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Ice Cream Cake Pops

Ice Cream Cake Pops

Posted by Jeanette Facey on 12th May 2016

ice cream cake pop

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!!!

Nothing says summer, party or a good time more than ice scream and these adorable pops are sure to be a crowd pleaser!   They are surprisingly much easier to make than you would think, given how cute they are!  And for that reason I am a little obsessed with them:)

The first thing you will want to do is to get your cones ready.  I wanted to use a sugar cone because of it's iconic vintage quality that I really like. I bought mine at the super market normal length and and I cut them. I used a sawing motion all the way around until my knife broke through. Buy extra for breakages.


I cut the top of the cone off as well as just enough on the bottom to be able to fit my stick through a hole on the bottom.  

The finished size was 2 1/4" tall.


You can purchase mini cake cones by Joy and they are sold in many stores and would work equally as good and are the perfect size.

Dip top of cone into white candy melts, place cone into a bowl of sprinkles to cover sides of cone. 


Prepare cake balls on their sticks.  Dip cake pop into candy melts and let it set just a bit before attaching to cone. 

Insert cake pop into cone and gently pull cone up to meet pop. Do not pull down on cake pop otherwise you may lose your stick. 

I used a plastic candy melt decorating bottle to drip on the chocolate sauce (in this case pink and blue;)  I start from the center and go around in circles with my bottle spreading out further each time.  Then I made smaller circle where I wanted the chocolate to drip down.  Don't worry if you don't cover every speck of white. Take your cake pop and jiggle back and forth, I turned it upside down and the chocolate will settle in and cover the bare spots on top. You can use your decorator bottle tip to gently guide the drips where you want them to go.  Add a little more where you need it as well. 

Before the chocolate settles add your sprinkles.  Get creative and have fun!  I hand mixed the sprinkles I used for these pops by adding different sprinkles together and taking some colors out I didn't like.

Have fun and make some that look like they have fallen over! In this case you would not add the dripped chocolate on top but rather using white candy melts in your decorator bottle make a puddle on a piece of wax paper. Stick you pop upside down at an angle, add your sprinkles and let set. The pop will peel easily off the wax paper when dry.