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dsc-0523.jpgThank you for visiting! I'm Jeanette the inventor, creator, designer and owner of My Little Cakepop!

My passion is baking and as a busy mom of 3 it didn't take me long to realize I didn't have time to be molding cake pops by hand. Back in 2008 soon after my 3rd child was born I watched Bakerella on Martha Stewart demonstrating her idea for cupcake pops. I was immediately hooked. I ran out and purchased everything I needed to get started. Unknowingly then, that was the humble beginnings of what would become My Little Cakepop.

I had no idea how watching that episode of Martha Stewart would change my life forever...  It's been a wild ride at times but I have learned so much along the way and have met the most amazing women on the planet. Mompreneurs who work hard to make their dreams come true one little treat at a time spreading happiness and joy to all they bake for!

I love that I have met women from all parts of the world who I never would have met otherwise! That women in areas of the world like Israel, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Egypt, Africa, Malaysia, UK, Australia, NZ, Japan, all parts of Europe and literally every part of the world have ordered my molds! It's made me aware that the world is a small place and we have more in common and are more alike than we are different! Now how amazing is that!!!!

Today My Little Cakepop is a boutique manufacturer of cake pop molds and online cake pop supply store. My first patented mold the cupcake came on the market in July of 2010.   Having no background in engineering, patents, injection molding, overseas manufacturing, licensing and importing/exporting it was a steep learning curve! You would think you would find my molds in your local craft store amongst the other cake pop products, it definitely belongs there. However, I wasn't prepared for the instant success I experienced the first couple years when I started. Opportunities came that I wasn't ready for and mistakes made that I could kick myself up and down for over and over again. However, we learn more from our mistakes than we ever learn from our successes....  and that I've learned is the path of life. 

My kids are my first love and my full time job so I keep my life purposely simple now.  I love supplying directly to the end consumer and to a few boutique specialty cake supply stores.  My goal is to make your cake popping experience easier, allow you to get to the fun part faster and spend more time doing what you love! Life is short live it to the fullest and sweetest everyday! Know your dreams and follow them.






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