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Meet Jeanette Facey

Creator, President & Mom/ My Little Cupcake, llc

“My kids are my inspiration" Jeanette Facey

It all started almost 3 years ago when I first saw an episode of Martha Stewart highlighting these cute,decorated Cupcake POPS on her popular daytime show.

When I first made these adorable treats for my children the kids fell in love with them and soon I found myself making them not only for my kids but also for their friends, parties and events at school.   

As a mom of 3 and time being an issue it didn’t take long for me to realize that although decorating these cupcake pops was fun, getting the cupcake shape turned out to be quite tedious and what I needed was a mold.   After scouring every craft, bakeware, toy store and the internet I realized the only way to get a perfect cupcake shape was to make myself a mold!

My mold worked so well that I decided others might want one as well.  And so began the story of "My Little Cupcake'.  The mold made it easy as pie (or should we say cake!) to get to the fun part:  decorating the POPS! 

Although there are many recipes.  I love using Oreo Cookie and Cream Cheese.  It's super fast and a my kids favorite!  “Now everyone can enjoy these miniature sized cupcakes on a stick.  The no-bake part is perfect for today’s busy lifestyle.  As we like to say our POPS are Yummilicous Guaranteed!”