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Why isn't my round cake pop round?

Posted by Jeanette Facey on 12th May 2016

I get a lot of questions on how to use the round cake pop mold!  Many of you are getting cracks in your ball, an oval shape coming out of the round mold and a deep line where the molds meet.

First off by nature of the mold there is always going to be a seam where the two halves of the mold meet.  That is inherent in the product and cannot be avoided.  Having said that, on many of the molds it isn't that noticeable and can be worked around, patted down and doesn't present a problem.  The round mold however just by nature of the shape doesn't look good with a seam because anything on your round cake pop no longer makes it perfectly round.

Therefore, it is very important on this mold that if you are not getting the shape you want to follow these steps closely and you will get the best possible shape.  Many of my customers use the round mold strictly for measurement purposes. They are very good at rolling balls by hand and the mold only serves as a tool of measurement. 

Unfortunately I have never been able to roll a round cake pop so I have to use the round mold to get my round cake pops and I can tell you that you can get a good shape with practice.


1. Make sure you have a well chilled moist dough ball.  Dough quality is going to be very important when using this mold. More than any other mold this mold isn't very forgiving and if you dough is dry you will not get a good shape. 

How do you know if your dough is dry? Because you have cracks in your dough when you take it out of the mold.

2.  Your cake ball shouldn't be much bigger than the mold.  Sprinkle it with plenty of powder sugar (even if your cake ball isn't sticky) and place it on one side of a clean round cake pop mold.  

The dough ball that you place into the mold should be free of any cracks. 

3. As you are closing the mold use your hand to squeeze the dough into the other half of the mold and make sure your cake pop ball is filling every part of the mold.  

If you are getting holes or cracks when the cake ball comes out you are not filling the entire mold with dough,  your cake pop ball is too dry, you did not kneed it enough to smooth out dough before placing into the mold, or your mold is dirty (with cake pop dough or powder sugar residue).

4.  After opening mold wipe down sides of mold before removing cake pop ball.  Carefully remove your cake pop and place a stick that has been dipped into candy melts into your cake pop ball into the seam.  This will give you a perfect front and a perfect back of your cake pop.

5. Smooth down sides of cake pop or gently adjust cake pop ball so that it has the most perfect round that it can be. You should find that this cake pop ball after dipping into candy melts looks very good. 

Remember: What goes into the mold will come out.   The mold will form your dough to the shape of the mold... wherever your dough is touching it. However, it will not smooth out or create cracks. Cracks going in will be cracks coming out. Holes in your dough mean that your dough was not touching every part of the mold.