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resolving sticking issues

resolving sticking issues

Posted by Jeanette Facey on 29th Apr 2016


If you are having any problems with sticking this is usually caused by oily dough. Dough can be oily because it has too much frosting in it or because it has cream cheese or other oily ingredients. All these things can make your dough taste good but it can make making cake pops a bit more tricky. From sticking in the mold to cake pop poop coming out of tiny holes in your candy coating oily dough is a problem.

I love using the no-bake Oreo Truffle recipe for my cake pops (shown above) because it tastes great, my kids love it and I can have the ingredients in my pantry ready to go!  No waiting for cake to cook! recipe here) But working with this recipe can be problematic due to the high oil content from the cream cheese. I work around this by always working with very well chilled dough and also using powder sugar to coat my mold.

*I no longer recommend using Pam or any other type of oil in the mold to help with sticking issues. This makes the mold slippery and also will make your dough that much more greasy.

If you are a beginner to cake popping or if you just are tired of having problems with oily dough check out this very easy non oily recipe (link to come soon).

Happy cake popping!