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Patriotic Ice Cream Pops

Patriotic Ice Cream Pops

Posted by Jeanette Facey on 17th May 2016

Full instructions for making ice cream pops can be found here.

The cake cones I am using here are from Joy. They are the "mini" cake cones and are about 2" tall. I found mine at Ralph's in CA and I also got them at Stop n' Shop in MA.  

I wanted these pops to sit on a plate like real ice cream cones therefore I didn't put them on sticks.

If you would like sprinkles on your cone decorate before adding ice cream scoop. I think it adds a fun festive touch!

I used the round shaped cake pop mold to make these perfectly round ice cream scoops. I inserted my stick into the cake pop with some candy melts so they would stay put. When dry, I dipped the entire cake pop into my candy melts and put them right on top of my cones. They will slightly drip over the sides giving it that ice cream look.

Notice I have the sticks sticking up! In order to keep my hands clean and easily dip the cake pop I used the stick simply as a dipping tool. You could use a corn fork as well.

Once dry I gently removed the stick. Since I knew I was going to be covering the tops with candy melts I didn't worry about dipping the white all the way to the top. Although you definitely could. I did do it on a couple because I used those ice cream cones for my melted ice cream that is upside down as shown in the last picture on this blog. I wanted to make sure that no cake would show when put upside down.

Use a decorators bottle to drip the chocolate sauce over your ice cream and decorate!

You could easily put these on sticks as well. They are a little top heavy which makes them slightly unsteady when they don't have a stick. That would be my only negative to making them this way. They tend to fall over. But on the flip side I think they are super super cute!!! If you want to use sticks just make a small hole at the bottom of the cone before attaching pop and follow instructions on my other ice cream blog post (instructions above).

These cake pops are perfect for Memorial Day and 4th of July... they are both Patriotic and scream summer!